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Hire better cyber talent, faster.

Cyberstrike is an ultra-niche talent partner, connecting the best cybersecurity professionals with forward-thinking organizations across the US.

Who we are

We’re the sharpest minds in cybersecurity recruitment, with expert knowledge, an eye for detail and relationships that get results. Whether you’re looking to hire or get hired in online security, we’ll help you find the perfect match.

What we do

Serious, exclusive relationships get the best results and, because of that, we’re unapologetic about prioritizing – and reducing fees – for clients committed to successful hiring. That said, we offer solutions for all scenarios, permanent or contract. From urgent, one-off hires through to large, multi-placement projects, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

The ultimate data protection expert. C-level executives responsible for all elements of personal and organizational data protection, assets, infrastructure and IT security.

Senior technical professionals who design and oversee the security structures for an organization’s computer systems.

The backbone of a company’s cybersecurity capability. Engineers perform the day-to-day functions of developing, implementing and maintaining secure network solutions.

Experts in detecting and protecting organizations from malicious bots, worms and trojans, which are intended to damage, spy or steal.

Sometimes called ‘ethical hackers,’ penetration testers identify, probe and help fix the vulnerabilities of computer systems, web applications or networks.

Specialists who gather, examine and preserve digital evidence from computer systems, smartphones or other devices. This has often been encrypted, altered, damaged or destroyed.

The Talent Gap project

The Talent Gap Project is Cyberstrike’s free in-house initiative to connect aspiring cybersecurity professionals to apprenticeships that will help their careers take off.

Got a few formal qualifications, experience in a different area of tech or simply looking for a fresh start? Or are you a decision-maker who wants to give someone their big break? Let Cyberstrike join the dots.

Careers with Cyberstrike

At Cyberstrike, we enjoy working with dynamic, forward-thinking organizations and individuals. We take the same approach with our own team. Are you passionate about potential and uniting the best companies with great people? We’re the place for you. 

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