Careers with Cyberstrike

Cybersecurity and recruitment are fast-paced and demanding yet highly rewarding fields, and we’re keen to hear from people who thrive in that environment. We don’t profile. We’re looking for people with a particular energy, not a particular qualification.

If you’re naturally curious, have a desire for success, are entrepreneurial and excited by the thought of bettering lives, this could be for you. Recruiters are in the dream-making business and there’s no bigger thrill than boosting someone’s income, improving their working balance, or finding them the ideal job. Likewise, supplying the best cyber talent helps make the world safer by protecting critical information from extortion, espionage, and theft.

At Cyberstrike, we’re a recruitment agency from the future. We’re not into KPIs. We hire the right people, invest in great training, provide the best tools, ensure ongoing mentorship, and offer industry-leading incentives with higher salaries and commissions. Then – and this is crucial – we give our people the freedom to get on with it. This powerful mix creates experts who are driven, love what they do and are obsessed with the perfect match.

We trust our consultants to exceed expectations however works best for them. For instance, would you like to start early or finish late? Would you like to work remotely, or would hybrid be better? How about spending some time at our ritzy Media office? Do you need to deal with a non-work matter today but will double-down tomorrow? We’re not concerned with how you delight your clients, only that you do. Cyberstrike is about being empowered and owning the results you create.

You know that amazing career you’ve been searching for? You’ve found it.