What we do

For clients...

At Cyberstrike we’ll find and and grow your Cybersecurity talent the way you want to. We know what makes a successful process but whatever you’re most comfortable with is always the right approach. Whether you’re looking for permanent or contract hires, there are 3 options to consider;


The best option financially and the one that delivers the highest success rate. The preferred option of 80% of clients.


Contingency staffing makes the recruitment world revolve. No placement, no fee and minimal commitment. We do it for the right clients, and we’re the best.

Custom projects

Big changes on the horizon? For multi-placement, mixed discipline hiring, we’ve the strategy and reach that leaves nothing to chance.

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  • Formal, exclusive agreement for permanent recruitment services
  • Small, non-refundable deposit paid upfront (but which comes off the final invoice)
  • Enhanced service package, tailored to client’s needs
  • Dedicated, exclusive delivery team, led by senior staff
  • 86% of vacancies filled within 2 weeks
  • 20% discount on final fee, based upon contingency rate
best results


  • No placement, no fee
  • No long-term commitment
  • Industry-leading network and customer service
  • Qualified candidates within 48 hours
  • 90% of employment offers, successfully closed
  • Fee as a % of year 1 package

Custom project

  • Exclusive, large-scale, multi-hire, projects
  • Bespoke payment structures
  • Significant fee reduction per hire
  • Dedicated, exclusive delivery team, reporting to CEO
  • High accountability SLA with fixed time periods and agreed outcomes
  • Process rationalization. Streamlined delivery, less admin and predictable costs

What we do

For candidates...

We don’t just want your CV. We want to get to know you. Your ambitions, your skills, what gets you out of bed in the morning. We know that it’s more than ‘just a job’ – futures depend on a positive and transparent recruitment process. The vast majority of our candidates agree to work with us exclusively – that way, they know they have our full attention. 

But be assured: we’re also discreet. Whether you’re already a well-established leader in cybersecurity or looking for a different path, we’ll respect your confidentiality. You can register your details, sign up for job alerts or book in a private conversation without it going any further. That’s a promise. 

Your confidential career conversation is just a click away.