A little trust for big results

In an industry thats well-known for lacking commitment, we’re prepared to say “if you commit, we’ll commit” and we know from experience that when that happens, you’ll receive an unbeatable service.

That’s why we ask for a small deposit before we dive in. $1,000 is just 4% of an average fee but it proves you’re serious and – because of that – we can offer you an enhanced service that radically improves speed, and likelihood of success.

Oh, and to prove it’s your commitment we want and not your money, we’ll refund the $1k further down the line by counting it towards your final fee. But hold the front page; it gets better. If you choose a micro-retainer, we’ll take what your fee would have been under contingency… and drop it by 20%. Pretty cool? It’s a thank you for letting us do our thing efficiently.

Why does commitment matter?

That’s easy – because it works. Clients that are prepared to make that modest down-payment and work exclusively tend to be pretty determined. We love that. It means we can completely dedicate ourselves because we know you’re as committed as we are to making your process a success. And the best part? Whisper it, but most recruiters don’t fill more than 30% of their jobs. With a Cyberstrike micro-retainer, we achieve more than 90%.

A micro-retainer builds trust – the foundation of all good relationships – expedites a successful hire and leaves you with the warm feeling you only get from a killer saving.

And here’s an example...

For a $100k role filled on the industry’s standard contingent rate of 30%, your final bill would be $30k. However, working exclusively with Cyberstrike on our micro-retainer, you’d receive a 20% reduction on your fee – a saving of $6k. 

Plus, the $1k you paid at commencement counts towards your final fee. You receive a faster, slicker, more transparent service for only $1k up front + $23k upon completion rather than a – typically – slower and less streamlined process for $30k. 

Confidence, clarity, conviction – it’s just how we do things at Cyberstrike.

The micro-retainer model

Formal, exclusive agreement for permanent recruitment services.

Small, non-refundable deposit paid upfront (but which comes off the final invoice)

Enhanced service package, tailored to client’s needs

Dedicated, exclusive delivery team, led by senior staff.

86% of vacancies filled within 2 week

20% discount on final fee, based upon contingency rate