Who we are

Generalists don't cut it in cybersecurity

With years of experience in ultra-niche IT, we know that the best candidates and opportunities aren’t on the jobs’ pages. We understand the world of cybersecurity and we speak its language. It’s what makes us so effective at finding and engaging brilliant employers and elusive candidates.

Too many recruiters promise the world without delivering. At Cyberstrike, our promise is simple. Whether you’re an organization or a professional, we work to understand what you do, what you need and what you can offer. Then we use our skills, network, the latest recruitment tools plus a dash of Cyberstrike magic to find the perfect fit.

Cyberstrike matches the slick experience of working with a big-name global recruiter with an ethical, value-led process. And when our clients give us recommendations like below, it feels like we’ve cracked it. It all starts with a conversation.

What our clients say

“We’d used various recruiters in the past and were regularly disappointed. After a consultation with Cyberstrike, we tried something new and agreed an exclusive micro-retainer on a really tough role. Being treated as the top priority by a team that seemed to drop everything until they’d found us the right person transformed our fortunes. Take my advice - if you’re having problems or just need immediate results, try an exclusive micro-retainer. A tiny up-front deposit in exchange for great results and a 20% saving is a deal that works for everyone.”
Jen Moorehead
Founder and CEO
“After suffering a ransomware attack, we began searching for a cybersecurity engineer. Cyberstrike advised us honestly and professionally. Their industry knowledge was outstanding and we received 4 excellent candidates within 48 hours. All were well-matched and genuinely excited to join us. Our experience was 10/10 and Cyberstrike is now our exclusive partner for all cyber hiring.”
Ben Healey
Managing Partner
“We have a close-knit team so what most impressed me was their commitment to understanding our dynamic and really getting to know us individuals. For us, a new team member isn’t just an anonymous new face but an important new part of our day-to-day lives. For me, that’s the magic that's always missing with regular, transactional style recruiters. With Cyberstrike, finding the perfect fit holistically was just as important as getting the right fix technically. Honestly, I think Cyberstrike are second to none. Give them a try.”
Eusebio Echevarria
Chief Innovation Officer