Custom projects

Multiple hires for major change

Heading into organizational change? Building a brand new function? In a world of constantly evolving challenges, you might not know you need to grow – until you do. Major hiring projects are complex, so we’ve got your back.

When you’re up against a deadline – and you absolutely can’t leave anything to chance – trust Cyberstrike to plan and run the entire hiring strategy with you, from establishing objectives right through to managing notice periods.

Our approach is tried and tested, comprehensive and competitively priced. Plus, we’re fully accountable: along with objectives, we’ll agree a time period and guarantee delivery.

Custom projects model

Exclusive, large-scale, multi-hire, projects

Bespoke payment structures.

Significant fee reduction per hire

Dedicated, exclusive delivery team, reporting to CEO

High accountability SLA with fixed time periods and agreed outcomes

Process rationalization. Streamlined delivery, less admin and predictable costs